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Leverage for long-term success

You can book the first appointment of your DELUXE PACKAGE immediately!


Long-term muscle relaxation

Experience pure relaxation:

Our deluxe package at an exclusive special price! Book your first appointment immediately "55 min. Full Body Massage"!


Save € 87,00

Exclusive price

instead of € 867.00.- for only € 780.00

The annual physical pension package includes 11 sessions:

3x 55 min.
full body massage
3x 40 min.
Individual massage
3x 50 min.
Intensive back massage STEIERNESS
2x 80 min.
Tibetan back and foot treatment​


DELUXE PACKAGE: Cosmopolitan Massage Magic

Global massages that not only relax your muscles in a special package at a special price!

Book your first appointment immediately

"50 min. herbal stamp treatment"!


Save € 74,00

Exclusive price

instead of € 741,00.- for only € 667,00

This cosmopolitan all-round care includes
7 sessions:

  • 50 min. herbal stamp treatment

  • 80 min. Tibetan back and foot treatment

  • 55 min. Holistic Pulsing

  •  90 min. Lomi Lomi Nui

  •  55 min. Nuad Tao Foot Treatment

  •  80 min. metabolism ACTIVE

  • 70 min. Raindrop Treatment by Young Living


DELUXE PACKAGE: Feminine Balance

This package is designed

to accompany women in all phases of life!
Take advantage and book your first 80 min. session right away!


Save € 96,00

Exclusive price

instead of € 960.00.- by only € 864.00

This package, specially tailored for women, includes
8 sessions of 80 minutes each
with the following advantages:

  • Path to more well-being and inner balance

  • Restoration of hormonal balance

  • Innovative techniques for stimulating the body's own processes

  • Release of physical and emotional blockages

  • Effective for menstrual cramps, cysts, the desire to have children...

  • To prepare for pregnancy / menopausal symptoms

  • Relief from thyroid problems

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