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Gift Vouchers Körperharmonie

Our gift vouchers are tickets to unforgettable moments of relaxation. In Weiz and Gleisdorf we offer you the opportunity to give your friends a break from everyday life.

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Geschenkgutschein ibetische Rücken- und Fußbehandlung, Massage in Weiz, Gleisdorf

Gift Voucher "Tibetan Back And Foot Treatment"

SKU: GSA0002

Duration:  80 Minutes


Experience the magical massage method, perfected by Tibetan monks, which has a harmonizing effect on both an energetic and physical level - comparable to a calming balm that alleviates imbalance and stress. This unique technique is ideal for anyone who longs for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that brings serenity and calm into your life.


Immerse yourself in this gentle form of massage. Here, not only your muscles, but also bones, joints and face are gently touched. This holistic treatment helps to release tension and blockages in the body, while at the same time activating the self-healing powers. Treat yourself to a break and experience how this unique massage invigorates your senses and takes your well-being to a new level.

VAT Included
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