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Gift Vouchers Körperharmonie

Our gift vouchers are tickets to unforgettable moments of relaxation. In Weiz and Gleisdorf we offer you the opportunity to give your friends a break from everyday life.

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Geschenkgutschein R.E.S.E.T Kieferbalance Kombi Massage 
in Weiz Gleisdorf

Gift Voucher "R.E.S.E.T Jaw Balance Kombi"

SKU: GSA0016

Duration: 80 Minutes


Immerse yourself in a world of well-being where your jaw balance is harmonized with the innovative R.E.S.E.T. method. Experienced hands balance your jaw muscles and not only give you relief, but also promote deep relaxation that spreads throughout the body.


After this powerful jaw balance, a tailor-made massage that focuses on the head, neck and back awaits you. Let yourself be pampered by trained hands who specifically release tension and send a wave of relaxation through your entire body. Feel how stress and tension simply dissolve and give way to a feeling of lightness.

Treat yourself to this unique combination of "R.E.S.E.T. Jaw Balance And Massage" and experience how relaxation and revitalizing energy combine into a harmonious unit. Your well-being is the focus - discover the power of balance!

VAT Included
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