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Our gift vouchers are tickets to unforgettable moments of relaxation. In Weiz and Gleisdorf we offer you the opportunity to give your friends a break from everyday life.

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Geschenkgutschein Nuad Tao Fußbehandlung Massage in Weiz, Gleisdorf

Gift Voucher "Nuad Tao Foot Treatment"

SKU: GSA0004

Duration:  55 Minutes


Feel a timeless tradition that has developed over 3,000 years and originates from various Asian countries. Our gentle technique combines millennia-old practices aimed at stimulating the energy lines and reflex zones of the feet to energetically balance and relax the entire body. During this special treatment, you will experience the soothing massage of your feet, lower legs and knees with warm oil - a true pampering for your senses.

Our experienced therapists use a special wooden stick to target individual reflex zones and energy lines on the feet. This fascinating treatment leads to deep relaxation throughout the body while strengthening your immune system. Feel how the energy flows freely again and a feeling of balance spreads through you.

This unique technique proves to be particularly effective for aching feet, headaches, sleep problems, restlessness, cold feet, blood pressure problems and tension. Treat yourself to this holistic experience and experience how your complaints dissolve in pleasure. Take a step towards wellness and let yourself be pampered by our experienced therapists. Your relaxation and well-being are our top priority.

VAT Included
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