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Gift Vouchers Körperharmonie

Our gift vouchers are tickets to unforgettable moments of relaxation. In Weiz and Gleisdorf we offer you the opportunity to give your friends a break from everyday life.

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Geschenkgutschein Meridian Ausgleich Massage in Weiz, Gleisdorf

Gift Voucher "Meridian Compensation STEIERNESS"

SKU: GSA0008

Duration:  80 Minutes


Experience a unique healing practice, deeply rooted in acupuncture and the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Our ritual begins with an alkaline foot bath. This is followed by a balancing point and meridian treatment, which has a stimulating effect, can release blockages and activates the self-healing powers. This transformative application uses specific essential oils, each associated with the corresponding meridian. It offers a pleasant and enriching way to get back into harmony with oneself and to compensate for complaints.

The diverse effects of this method range from a calming effect for restful sleep, pain relief, increased joy and performance, improved mobility and increased ability to concentrate. In addition, this innovative method is also suitable for the targeted treatment of scars. Discover the transformative power of this unique healing practice and experience how it harmonizes not only your body, but also your senses. Treat yourself to this path to greater well-being and inner balance – a journey that will enrich your quality of life in the long term.

VAT Included
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