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Our gift vouchers are tickets to unforgettable moments of relaxation. In Weiz and Gleisdorf we offer you the opportunity to give your friends a break from everyday life.

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Geschenkgutschein Holistic Pulsing Massage in Weiz, Gleisdorf

Gift Voucher "Holistic Pulsing"

SKU: GSA0012

Duration:  55 Minutes


Experience the transformative power of Holistic Pulsing!

Holistic Pulsing, a revolutionary body-oriented method, takes you into a world of vibrating harmony. In a Holistic Pulsing session, your body is gently put into a swaying and pulsating movement that not only leads to deep relaxation, but also captures your entire being.


This unique form of touch creates a special quality that allows the body to be set into gentle, rocking movements. These waves crisscross muscles, tendons and joints to guide you into deep relaxation.

Holistic Pulsing strives to reach the deepest layers of consciousness and thus dissolve blockages and traumas. With more than 100 different grips that integrate elements from osteopathy and craniosacral therapy, Holistic Pulsing enables a unique access to a mental state between wakefulness and sleep. Immerse yourself in a special level of consciousness where transformation and healing happen naturally. Experience the symbiosis of body and mind that Holistic Pulsing has to offer!

VAT Included
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