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Discover the variety of our massage offers

Experience the art of relaxation at the Garten-Hotel Ochensberger and the entire Weiz - Gleisdorf area with our exclusive massage offers, which not only protect your body, but also
but also pamper your soul.

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NEW! Open Tuesday, Wednesday! NEW
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

From now on, you can enjoy our most popular massages on these days as well! Perfect for those who don't find time to be pampered by our exceptional treatments on weekends.
Book now and experience pure relaxation – even during the week!

The following treatments are available to you on Tuesday/Wednesday


8 Sessions à 80 Min.        

€ 864,00 instead € 960,00     Savings​: € 96,00.-

Book your first session of 80 minutes and order your package at a special price! 

This DELUXE PACKAGE is a true jewel for the well-being of women. This tailor-made package, carefully tailored to the needs of the woman, offers a series of 8 sessions of 80 minutes each, which go far beyond an ordinary massage. Not only does it effectively support specific women's complaints during pregnancy, menopausal symptoms, thyroid problems and bladder weakness, but it also provides a unique opportunity to take care of your health comprehensively. Treat yourself or a special woman in your life to this exclusive experience. Let the innovative approaches of this preventive massage package lead you to a peak of well-being. It is not only an investment in health, but a journey to inner balance and comprehensive well-being.

Purification And Back Massage With Honey

Duration: 55 Min.              € 89,-

Purification And Back Massage With Honey

6 Sessions Block

€ 480.- instead € 534.-

Book your first treatment now and plan your next five appointments on site.

Detoxifying And Full Body Massage With Honey

Duration: 80 Min.             € 120,-

Detoxifying And Full Body Massage With Honey

6 Sessions Block

€ 648.- instead € 720.-

Book your first treatment now and plan your next five appointments on site.

To prevent and strengthen the immune system

we recommend 6 treatments at intervals of one to two weeks each.

As a holistic natural procedure, the purification massage with honey is based on the principles of Russian and Tibetan medicine. Only honey of the best quality from our region is used! Honey removes harmful substances from the body and thus alleviates diseases. This is also confirmed by the legendary physician and philosopher Paracelsus (Philippus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, 1493 - 1541). Due to the powerful effect of honey, old waste products and toxins are gently dissolved from your body tissue during the massage process. The variety of over 60 valuable active ingredients that honey has in store - from minerals and enzymes to antibiotic substances - are absorbed through your skin to invigorate and support your organism in a natural way. However, our detoxification massage goes far beyond physical well-being. Through targeted techniques on the reflex zones of the back, known as Head's zones, we stimulate the activity of the associated body organs. At the same time, we bring your energy flow back into balance via the meridians, while harmonizing your aura and strengthening your nervous and immune systems. Treat yourself to this unique experience and let our Russian-Tibetan honey massage take you into a world of relaxation and regeneration. In addition to its detoxifying and purifying properties, it is suitable for the treatment of • Tension • Back pain • Disease of the joints • Circulatory • Insomnia • Migraine • Colds • Cellulite



Duration: 90 Min.               € 130,-

Enjoy the world of relaxation and treat yourself to the exclusive experience of the Hawaiian body treatment - a feast for all the senses! This holistic method is not only a blessing for your body, but also a unique ritual healing and cleansing procedure. Let yourself be accompanied by beguiling scents and soft sounds on an unforgettable journey of relaxation. Our focus is particularly on your back to guarantee maximum relaxation. But not only that - legs, hips, abdomen, arms, shoulders, neck and face are also intensively pampered during this treatment. Flowing touches and gentle rocking handles, accompanied by rotations and loosening, stretch your muscles, tendons and joints at the highest level. For the extra kick of deep relaxation, we use the elbow specifically. The result? Increased joint flexibility, release of additional strength and energy, improved skin circulation, optimal nutrient supply, active lymph flow, loosened muscles - and last but not least, a significant improvement in your sleep quality. Treat yourself to the best for your body and experience what true relaxation feels like!


Duration: 80 Min.               € 120,-

Enjoy a unique healing practice, deeply rooted in acupuncture and the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Our ritual begins with an alkaline bath. This is followed by a balancing point and meridian treatment, which has a stimulating effect, can release blockages and activates the self-healing powers. This transformative application uses specific essential oils, each belonging to the corresponding meridian. It offers a pleasant and enriching way to get back into harmony with oneself and to compensate for complaints. The diverse effects of this method range from a calming effect for restful sleep, pain relief, increased joy and performance, improved mobility and increased ability to concentrate. In addition, this innovative method is also suitable for the targeted treatment of scars. Discover the transformative power of this unique healing practice and experience how it harmonizes not only your body, but also your senses. Treat yourself to this path to greater well-being and inner balance – a journey that will enrich your quality of life in the long term.


Duration: 55 Min.               € 89,-

Our holistic vitality massage, which not only relieves tension in the neck and back, but also pampers your face and relieves headaches. After gentle stroking movements put them in a state of relaxation, targeted pressure points on the neck area are stimulated to release pinched nerves and relieve tension. This targeted massage acts like a balm for your back as your muscles relax with every gentle touch. Afterwards, we will turn our attention to your face. With moisturizing VINOBLE grape seed oil and gentle touches, we pamper your skin and relieve any tension in the facial area. Circular movements around the eye area and along the cheekbones improve circulation and revitalize your skin. At the same time, the headaches are also relieved while we activate pressure points that have a positive effect on the nervous system. This holistic massage treatment aims not only to relieve physical tension, but also to promote a state of inner peace and balance. You will feel refreshed, invigorated and completely relaxed, ready to face the challenges of everyday life with renewed energy. Treat yourself to this soothing experience and let yourself be pampered by our massage, which not only appeals to your head, face and neck, but also touches your soul.



Duration: 50 Min.               € 79,-

Experience the luxurious combination of VINOBLE grape seed products and a pampering massage with the nourishing grape seed oil - a sensual journey to harmonious body feeling. The first-class exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells, leaves a deep cleanse and gives your skin a noticeable smoothness. The valuable minerals and trace elements of VINOBLE grape seed salt promote blood circulation for the lower layers of the skin and have a firming and vitalising effect. Body and skin replenish their resources and inner balance is restored. Enjoy the massage in which our therapist uses the nourishing grape seed oil. This massage provides your skin with valuable fatty acids in depth, promotes blood circulation and gives you a feeling of relaxation and well-being. The combination of gentle touches and the nourishing properties of grape seed oil immerses you in a world of sensual pleasures. The result? Treat yourself to a time-out that pampers body and mind in equal measure. In our exclusive spa area, we create an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation for you, where you can let yourself be enchanted by the wonders of the grape. Immerse yourself in the world of the VINOBLE spa experience and experience the power of the grape for yourself.


Duration: 55 Min.               € 79,-

Relax with the healing tradition of the mountain hay bath, whose beneficial effects have been known since the Middle Ages. In earlier times, dairymen cured their rheumatic complaints in fragrant mountain hay after a summer on the alpine pasture. Nowadays, the mountain hay bath has found a permanent place in wellness treatments and enjoys great popularity in modern health care. Our dried mountain hay comes from the nearby Almenland, where it thrives in the pure mountain air at an altitude of over 1000 meters. Rich in grasses, flowers and herbs, it has a high health value, especially for the relief of rheumatic complaints. In the hay bath application, the guest is bedded on a preheated soft pack bed in the moist, warm mountain hay, which releases the main active ingredient coumarin (essential oil). This revitalizing treatment lasts 20 to 30 minutes and causes an intensive stimulation of the metabolism while gently warming. The hay bath is effective for respiratory problems, colds, rheumatic complaints and is mainly used to prevent diseases. As a crowning finale, a relaxing massage awaits you, which rounds off the mountain hay bath experience. This massage will give you a feeling of complete relaxation and well-being, transforming the treatment into more than just a treatment – it is a journey to renew and strengthen your health and well-being. Treat yourself to this unique combination of tradition and modern wellness and experience how the healing power of mountain hay invigorates your body and mind.


Duration: 90 Min.          € 149,- for 2 Persons

Take a magical time together with your partner or girlfriend, pampered by one of our talented therapists in our exclusive partner spa treatment room. Let us take you into a world of relaxation and shared enjoyment. Immerse yourself in a tailor-made massage that caters to the needs of each individual. The high-quality VINOBLE grape seed oil not only provides a delicate fragrance, but also provides deep care for your skin. The smooth touches of our therapists unfold their invigorating effect and together give you an unforgettable massage experience. Afterwards, enjoy a relaxing grape oil bath in our comfortable soft pack lounger. The soothing VINOBLE grape oil intensively nourishes your skin and leaves it feeling silky. Immerse yourself together, switch off and enjoy the moment - this romantic treatment for two will be an unforgettable experience. Leave everyday life behind and experience a time-out full of relaxation and harmony together. In our exclusive partner spa treatment room, we create an atmosphere for you and your partner or girlfriend in which you can completely let yourself go. Treat yourself to this invigorating time-out for two and strengthen your connection in an ambience full of peace and security.

After Business To Inner Balance 

Duration: 40 Min.               € 59,-

Discover the perfect symbiosis of relaxation and revitalization - treat yourself to our After Business Massage and treat yourself to a precious moment of peace and rejuvenation. • The session begins with a soothing neck relaxation massage, accompanied by gentle stretches, perfectly aimed at relieving tension after a hard day's work. Feel the stress melt away from your neck and shoulders and your muscles sway into well-deserved relaxation. • Afterwards, the arm, hand and foot massage offers a comprehensive feel-good experience. Let yourself be pampered by skilled hands as the relaxing massage spreads to your limbs and gently caresses every muscle. • The finale is a facial massage that is not only good for your skin, but also helps to leave the stress of the day behind. Gentle touches and special techniques promote blood circulation, give your skin a refreshed complexion and give you a soothing break for body and soul. Say goodbye to stress and tension – secure your "After Business Massage" today and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and recreation. Treat yourself to the luxury of finding your inner balance after a long day at work.


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